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- Adrienne Clarkson

Construction DisposalConcrete and Asphalt Dumping

Dumping construction waste at a landfill is expensive and environmentally irresponsible.  That's why more and more people and businesses are turning to Concrete Recycling Inc for their concrete & asphalt waste disposal.  

We accept concrete and aphalt of any size, and pass you the savings by crushing, sorting and restoring the waste material into a perfectly reusable form.

Loader filling dump truck with road base

 With pickup options available, you can rest assured we can meet your material needs.

With some of the best prices around, we leave you and your project even more in the green - financially and environmentally.




Recycled Material
Clean Gravel and Road Base

Why recycled gravel and road base?  Because its every bit as good as new material - plus its clean, convenient and affordable!

Quality - Our products are 100% fractured to improve your project's quality.  The more fractured the material, the tighter it will hold together in your application.

Clean - We run our products through a three point cleaning process to ensure all unwanted material has been removed.  You will spend less time removing debris and enjoy increased project quality.

Convenient - Located just off of I-215 near Salt Lake City its easy to get to us from almost anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley and beyond.  If you haven't visited us yet, be sure to get directions.

Affordable - Set up an account to be sure you're getting our best rates.  Once we've established a relationship, your trucks will enjoy drive-through material pickup - saving even more time and money!



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About Us

Established in 2001, Concrete Recycling Inc. (CRI) is your one-stop shop for concrete & asphalt disposal and purchasing.  Learn more »


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