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Concrete & asphalt disposal and purchase  |  Mon - Fri  8:00am - 4:30pm
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Dump concrete dumping availability

Dump Concrete.  Get rid of your waste concrete.
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Dump asphalt availability

Dump Asphalt.  Get rid of your waste asphalt.
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Buy 2 inch gravel

Buy 2" Gravel.  Crushed, cleaned, fractured & ready to go!
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Buy 3/4 inch road base

Buy 3/4" Road Base.  Spec 3/4" road base ready for use!
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Asphalt Dumping Availability

Buy 1" Gravel.  Same high quality material in 1" size!
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Asphalt Dumping Availability

Buy Asphalt Road Base.  Great for building a durable project!
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We offer delivery for all of our products.
For more information, ask for Gabriel at (801)910-2912.

About Us

Established in 2001, Concrete Recycling Inc. (CRI) is your one-stop shop for concrete & asphalt disposal and purchasing.  Learn more »


  • Concrete Disposal
  • Asphalt Disposal
  • Clean Concrete Gravel
  • Clean Road Material


  • 2" Concrete Gravel
  • 1" Concrete Gravel
  • Spec 3/4" Road Base
  • Asphalt Road Base