Our Facility

" It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time. "
- David Allen Coe


Construction Recycling Site Click on pictures for full views of site

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Location Entrances | Facility view facing West

First time to CRI?  Please come through the North entrance to our site office first.

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Dump & Pickup

Disposal and Pickup Locations | Facility view facing North

Dumping is on the far West side of the site.
Pickup is just inside of the South entrance.

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Site Office

Site Office | Go here first

Don't get confused, this is the office,
not storage.

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Loader & Concrete Crushing

A loader brings prepared material to the crusher.

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Worker Spraying Water on the Operating Rock Crusher

The primary crusher handles the raw material.

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Closeup of concrete slabs and dirt being sorted in the rock crusher

Material passes through the hopper and into the jaw of the crusher.

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Excavator and Wrecking Ball

Material of any size is processed into sizes suitable for the crusher.

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Multi-stage cleaning, crushing and sorting process

Raw material is passed through a multi-stage cleaning, crushing and sorting process.


About Us

Established in 2001, Concrete Recycling Inc. (CRI) is your one-stop shop for concrete & asphalt disposal and purchasing.  Learn more »


  • Concrete Disposal
  • Asphalt Disposal
  • Clean Concrete Gravel
  • Clean Road Material


  • 2" Concrete Gravel
  • 1" Concrete Gravel
  • Spec 3/4" Road Base
  • Asphalt Road Base